Volunteer Building Project - September 2017

Volunteer Building Project - September 2017



Would you like to make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world? If so, then Friends From Ireland is the organisation for you. 

There are many ways you can support our work in the developing world. From fundraising in your local area to helping deliver life-saving programmes in some of the most poverty-stricken areas in the world. 

The Galana School complex is situated at the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) Headquarters adjacent to Tsavo East National Park and the Galana Conservancy in Kenya. For many years it had struggled to provide education for its pupils in four dilapidated, filthy and dangerous classrooms. In an effort to provide facilities for the three infant classes and eight primary classes the teachers resorted to teaching in mud and timber hovels that were open to the elements and hygienically unsafe for the children.

In 2013 FFI, in partnership with the Agricultural Development Corporation, The Galana Conservancy, Kulalu Camp and other interested agencies, renovated the four existing classrooms and built a further four. In 2014 a new Kindergarten was constructed to address the needs of the infant classes and in 2015 a new Kitchen area, Staffroom and Library was added to the Primary School. A huge effort was made by local community members who volunteered to complete the building work. We had volunteers from Ireland, the UK, Canada and Kenya and many more from local business interests and Community groups in the area. The finished buildings and toilets were achieved through a collective determination to take the children from a state of desperation to conditions that they have deserved for so long. The transformation was breath-taking as you can see from the before and after shots. Many bridges were built with the Galana Community who had never seen volunteers work in such a way. It was initially difficult to explain the spirit of volunteering as in such communities nothing is ever done without a reason or indeed a reward.

Following the tremendous success of the 2013 to 2015 projects the Board of FFI decided to look at the possibility of building a Secondary School in Galana. Following a meeting with Dr. Andrew Tuimer M.D. of the Agricultural Development Corporation in November 2015, we decided to continue with the successful partnership between the ADC and FFI and commence work on the project in 2016.

Once again we relied on our supporters and volunteers to raise the funding required to commence work. The first phase of the plan saw the making of the blocks and the completion of the foundations of the first four classrooms by FFI volunteers and the Galana community. The next step and the focus of the 2017 project is to complete these four classrooms and provide the furniture, equipment and teaching aids necessary for the Kenyan secondary school curriculum


  1. Complete four Secondary School Classrooms
  2. Provide school classroom furniture, storage and equipment.
  3. 12 Month Review of Women’s Initiative.
  4. Complete four Secondary School Classrooms
  5. Provide school classroom furniture, storage and equipment.
  6. 12 Month Review of Women’s Initiative.

We will be supported once again in 2016 by Kulalu Camp who have very kindly offered to suspend normal business to allow Friends From Ireland use it as Base Camp for the duration of the project. FFI’s partnership with Kulalu now enters its fifth project in less than four years. The Staff are not only our hosts at camp they also work way outside their normal roles to keep the project moving. They are well experienced in project group management and have often been seen mixing cement and plastering walls during their time off.

Volunteers will be working in warm temperatures. The working day will begin at 06.00 and finish at 15.00. We will be roofing, putting in doors and windows, scraping, painting, digging, fencing, constructing desks/furniture/storage units and completing many other tasks. It will be a physically and mentally demanding project as we strive to achieve all of our objectives. You do not need previous project or building experience. There will be work for all, irrespective of skill levels. The most important thing any volunteer needs is a sense of adventure and a willingness to join with the Galana Community to create a future for their Kids. It’s about volunteering, broadening your horizons and learning that everyone has something to offer and that, as part of a team, you can achieve great things. You might worry that you have no relevant skills to offer, don’t… You will by the time you come back.

There is an abundance of magnificent wildlife surrounding the project site and the camp site. As always volunteers will have to be aware that where there is wildlife there is an element of danger. Common sense and adherence to Site and Camp rules will ensure that all risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

If you are interested in volunteering for this project please contact us. 

Each Volunteer must raise €3300.00 which will include all flights, accommodation, food and insurance. For those who wish to arrange their own flights and meet us in Kenya the cost comes down to €2600.00.

For those who wish to arrange their own flights and meet us in Kenya the cost comes down to €2600.00.




Galana Scoundary School


Galana, Kenya


Volunteer Building Project


September, 2017


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