Supporters of the Group

It is important the acknowledge some of the main supporters of this project; FFI Volunteers Agnes Chege and Tina Allen: Agnes’s local expertise has been of huge benefit to FFI in getting this project off the ground while Tina’s constant support and encouragement to both FFI and the ladies is unwavering. Tina is also in a position to visit the group more regularly than I, which is a huge support to us. Jackie, Anne, Madina and Julie Ann under whose leadership the group has flourished. Without these ladies the group would have really struggled to take off. Special mention must go to Jackie who has not just volunteered to teach the adult education classes but who has also taken on the role of tailoring teacher. There are many more supporters who have provided logistical support as well as donations, so special thanks to you too. If you would like to support this group of talented and determined women you can do so by donating to Friends From Ireland through our iDonate page:

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