Report From GWC Project

This morning we had a wonderful drive around The Galana Conservancy. It was really incredible to see the huge variety of wildlife in the area, and in such large numbers and looking so healthy. Many of the animals we saw had young with them which shows the work of the Conservancy scouts is really paying off and wildlife feel secure in this area. We came across Impala, water Buck, warthog, oryx, zebra, hippo, gazelle, giraffe, dik-dik, elephant and cheetah as well as a huge variety of birds. We also visited the school and saw the foundations for the secondary school. All the kids were delighted to see us and all are doing well. This afternoon we all got a master class in camera traps and teams have been established for a camera trap competition later in the week. The pressure is on! This evening we all learned about the studies our students are pursuing and we are looking forward to helping them achieve their aims. If there was ever any doubt today shows just how important the Conservancy is for the wildlife and community alike.

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