Lots of Kikoi Orders Fulfilled

Our visit in September 2016 was again very successful. The ladies are all developing their embroidery skills and this resulted in them selling approximately 35 kikois to the volunteers. They also received additional orders from outside the volunteer group, and these orders will be personalised for the customer. This is a great idea and will set these kikois apart from others that can be bought in the area. The group will now learn how to embroider the logo onto the kikois. It’s fantastic to see the level of dedication these women have and the skills they have learned in such a short period of time. We are also very grateful for the support of Kulalu Camp which has agreed to stock the kikois to sell to customers. This is the level of support we would love to see from all camps in the area. It was also very positive to see that the merry –go-round is working well and loans which were given are being repaid.

During this visit we discussed how the group might raise funds throughout the year, given the seasonal nature of tourism to the area. Within days the group had decided to look into selling eggs to the community. A smaller committee within the group are going to investigate the possibility of this, using some of the money made from kikois to invest. Once again this shows the commitment the ladies have to empowering themselves growing their group.