First Meeting with the Women of Galana

In September 2014 we held our first women’s meeting.  This was hugely successful with approximately 34 ladies attending. The discussions in the meeting centred around the positive impact that FFI projects have had on their children and community. We explored more specifically with the ladies how they felt FFI could help in supporting them. It immediately became clear that the priority for the group was learning how to read and write in both Swahili and English, as well as learning a skill such as tailoring/dressmaking. A quick poll told us that only 7 of those present were literate. With the opening of the newly renovated primary school, and with solar power available in the evenings, the ladies now had the opportunity to use these resources and evening classes were arranged. Jackie, the local kindergarten teacher, agreed to take on the extra work and teach the ladies in the evenings. A day and time that suited all was agreed and the classes began.