FFI Donate a 2nd Sewing Machine and The Galana Amani Women’s Group Decide on their Name

When John and I returned to Galana in January 2016 we were astounded by the level of progress made by the group. The sewing group now had 12 members and all were learning to sew on the machine as well as on old posho (maize meal) paper bags. The group showed us their button holes and hemming work. We were thrilled and the following day delivered a second sewing machine. It was obvious that the ladies were ready to make the school uniforms and we agreed the price they would sell them for, making sure they were not underselling themselves! We returned later in the week with the material, thread, and buttons needed to make approximately 30 kindergarten school uniforms. We also provided the group with kikoi material for two sarongs to practice on. We explained that FFI would be returning to Galana in June and September with two volunteer groups and the volunteers would love to be able to purchase local crafts if they were available. We were also very impressed to see that the ladies had begun the “Merry -go-round” system with 24 ladies in the group. At that time, they had saved KSH16,000 (approx. €160). This is a huge amount of money for this group and again shows just how committed the ladies are to this project. It was during this visit that the group decided to call their group the Galana Amani Women’s Group; amani means peace in Swahili and peace is exactly the spirit in which these women work. 

Following this visit and the promotion of the work of the group by FFI and Tina Allen, we were delighted to receive further donations of needles, thread, buttons, scissors and other sewing equipment needed by the group. These donations show just how impressed our supporters are by the work the ladies have completed to date.