Mwangea Water Project

Mwangea Primary School is located roughly halfway between the Kenya Coast and Tsavo East National Park, near the top of a range of low hills. The rainfall in 2009 was negligible. In February 2010, our friends Nigel and Ann Watson went with one of the parents to visit the school after hearing about their dire water situation. Even after 18 years in Kenya, during which time they had seen many incidences of hardship, they were both deeply shocked. The ONLY source of water, for drinking and cooking at the school was a muddied and stagnant water hole, used also by cattle and goats. There used to be a spring about 3 km distance, over rough terrain, but that had turned saline due to lack of rainfall. The nearest freshwater pipeline was 8 km away, the other side of the range of hills.

Nigel decided to design a water collection system, from the roofs of the surrounding school buildings and build a water tank to store the run off during the rains. Nigel purchased materials and organised their delivery to this remote area. He also supervised the project. In addition, he designed a small water filtration unit, from readily available materials which greatly improves even the most disgusting water.

Friends From Ireland were delighted be in a position to financially support this project. It was a pleasure to work with Nigel again after the success of the Library Building Project in Gede. In May 2010 Friends From Ireland Chairman and Projects Coordinator, John Byrne, visited the site with Nigel and Ann. Following this inspection, a proposal for funding support was presented to the Friends From Ireland Board. A significant donation was agreed and forwarded to Nigel Watson who wasted no time in advancing the project to conclusion.

The project was completed in 2010 and now collects, stores and supplies clean drinking water to a whole community. Well done Nigel and Ann!