Ganda Clinic

In May 2008 Friends From Ireland received a request for help from the Ganda Community Dispensary near Malindi in Kenya. The Dispensary had no electricity and we were asked if we could assist. In 2007 three Irish girls, Katie O’Sullivan, Grace O’Sullivan and Suzanne O’Rourke converted part of the clinic to a small maternity unit which saw up to 30 children born there each month. The lack of power was a serious concern especially for expectant mothers arriving in labour during darkness. Bear in mind that Kenya is situated on the equator and is in darkness from roughly 6.30pm to 5.30am all year round.

Our Chairman and Projects Co-ordinator John Byrne inspected the site and submitted a plan to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Following negotiations, a supply was brought from the main Tsavo Road to the Dispensary.

Following the arrival of the supply, the Dispensary, (including the Laboratory, Doctors Room, Maternity Unit and Wards) was re-wired. Friends From Ireland sourced all the electrical equipment needed, recruited electricians who worked with members of the Ganda Community and oversaw the project to completion on the ground.

On Monday the 29th of September 2008 the lights finally went on in the Dispensary to much celebration. Well done to all concerned in Ireland and Kenya. Another great example of people power….. This Dispensary and its staff are saving lives thanks to you all. Funding for this project was raised by Friends From Ireland volunteers.