Galana Wildlife Conservancy

Friends From Ireland has worked in the Galana community in Kenya since 2012 and throughout that time has been supported by the management and scouts of the Galana Wildlife Conservancy (GWC). The Galana Wildlife Conservancy borders Tsavo East National Park and consists of a 60,000 acre wildlife haven for some of the world’s most renowned and rarest African wildlife species. The Conservancy is situated on the eastern boundary of Tsavo East National Park and on the northern banks of the Galana River.  The conservancy serves as a crucial un-fenced buffer zone between Tsavo East National Park and the vast agricultural areas of the Galana and Kulalu Ranches which are managed by the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC).


On a day off during our school building project in 2013, Friends From Ireland volunteers joined the warden and staff of our GWC partners on an initiative to provide water for wildlife in a remote and dense part of the conservancy. Two 2000-litre tanks were sunk into the lowest water retaining areas of Midu Dam. Although not remotely enough of a volume to provide relief for larger animals, the aim was to provide relief for the smaller mammals, birds, and insects. Subsequently, a camera trap revealed some of the local inhabitants who found welcome relief at the site. This was to be the first of many projects with the Conservancy, with the aim of relieving some of the animal – human conflict in the area, and protecting the wonderful wildlife in area.

Since this first initiative, Friends From Ireland has continued to support the Galana Wildlife Conservancy; our volunteers have fundraised for the conservancy and we have erected new observation posts, made a new road along the boundary of the conservancy, and been involved in game counts and getting invaluable camera trap footage. We even helped rescue a baby warthog! In 2017, we completed a new classroom for conservation students at the Conservancy headquarters at Kulalu Camp. Unfortunately, this classroom was washed away in the horrific floods in 2018, which just reinforces the need for us to do all we can to protect the environment.

Friends From Ireland are delighted to continue to work with our partners in The Galana Wildlife Conservancy, and we look forward to our work together in the future.