Galana Secondary School

Following the tremendous success of the 2013 to 2015 projects in Galana the Board of Friends From Ireland decided to look at the possibility of building a Secondary School. Following a meeting with Dr. Andrew Tuimer M.D. of the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) in November 2015, we decided to continue with the successful partnership between the ADC and Friends From Ireland. Work commenced on the project in 2016.


Our volunteers once again teamed up with the community and managed to not only complete the foundations for four classrooms but also make 450 more blocks for the walls. Our block making went from tentative first steps to a super-effective team operation within days. As the blocks were being made the concrete foundations were mixed and poured for the whole building. After the foundations dried for three days we managed to put in three courses of blocks before time overtook us. We were joined at the end of the project by Crista Cullen, Friends From Ireland board member and volunteer, and recent proud winner of an Olympic Gold Medal for Team GB in the Rio Olympics.

It was a special visit and a real thrill for the local kids who were flabbergasted by her fluent Swahili. The team also took on some work in the Danissa Clinic, installing ceilings in the little maternity wards. The clinic staff had collected enough funding through donations to complete one ceiling but Friends From Ireland agreed to do two ceilings and continue our partnership with Oscar and Christine who work so hard in such challenging conditions. It is hoped that in the future Friends From Ireland will match the fundraising efforts of the Dispensary as it continues to see an increase in demand for its services.


In 2017, volunteers returned and completed the first two classrooms and the walls of another two rooms. It was tough work, with all volunteers getting stuck in; mixing plaster and floor concrete, putting the floors down, windows and doors in, the roof going on, and of course painting. After two weeks the building was unrecognisable; two classrooms were now completed with new furniture and blackboards.


A third group of volunteers returned to the school in 2018, finishing off the second pair or classrooms. The children finishing primary school in Galana can now continue their education in their own community, giving them a realistic opportunity to finish school and possibly go to university.