2020 Volunteer Project

We are currently in the process of deciding on our projects for 2o2o.

Please read on for general information on what our volunteer building projects are like.

Working Conditions

Volunteers work in very hot temperatures. The working day usually begins at 06.00 and finishs at 15.00. There is work for all types of volunteers, of all skills and abilities, as what we are hoping to achieve is a really big ask and totally relies on people power. Our projects are physically and mentally demanding as we strive to achieve all of our objectives. You do not need previous project or building experience. The most important thing any volunteer needs is a sense of adventure and a willingness to join with the host community to create a future for their kids. It is about volunteering, broadening your horizons and learning that everyone has something to offer and as part of a team can achieve great things. You might worry that you have no relevant skills to offer, do not… You will by the time you come back.


Given that our projects tend to take place in remote areas, there is usually an abundance of magnificent wildlife surrounding the project site and the campsite. Volunteers have to be aware that where there is wildlife there is an element of danger. Common sense and adherence to Site and Camp rules ensure that all risks are kept to an absolute minimum.


The cost varies for each project and is determined by the travel costs and the needs of the project. Our projects usually cost between €2,800 and €3,800 per participant. The price covers flights, insurance, all project accommodation, food, water, project transport and most importantly, the materials we need to reach our project goals.

Registration Details

A registration process precedes all Friends From Ireland projects where volunteers are required to complete a registration form and declaration. A non-refundable deposit of €300.00 is required to secure a place. In addition, copies of all insurance policies, safety statements, flight tickets, and project and camp advices will be forwarded to each volunteer prior to travel. Contact annmariespillane@friendsfromireland.ie for more information or to register your interest